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As part of its Green Seven sustainability campaign, ProSieben has teamed up with Hellabrunn Zoo to sponsor the zoo's recently born polar bear cub. The collaboration with the German broadcaster will see the little cub become an ambassador of her threatened habitat not only at the zoo, but will reach audiences nationwide. She is also expected to be...Read more


Hellabrunn zoo is now home to three moustached monkeys. In Europe, the blue-faced primates can only be seen in zoos in Munich and Gelsenkirchen in Germany and Beauval in France.Read more


Now that the little female cub has taken her first steps and begun to explore Hellabrunn's mothering den, peace and quiet for mum Giovanna will slowly but surely become a thing of the past.Read more


On Wednesday, 1 February, the veterinary staff at Hellabrunn Zoo were finally able to conduct the first health check on the recently born polar bear cub. They determined with certainty that the cub is a girl, weighing an impressive 8.4 kilos.Read more


As with all companies, Hellabrunn Zoo also conducts an annual stocktake at the end of the year. The annual stocktake for 2016 concluded that 18,992 animals and 758 species currently reside at Hellabrunn.Read more


The jungle world has a new resident: Sangke, the male fishing cat, has arrived to keep the female Luzi company.Read more


For the past 50 days since giving birth, polar bear mum Giovanna has been snuggling with her cub inside Hellabrunn’s mothering den. During this time, the baby polar bear has not only grown in size and weight, but also made its first attempts to crawl. The little cub has also begun to pester mum more and more.Read more

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