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This year, three species at Hellabrunn Zoo received a delightful Halloween surprise: the mandrills, orangutans and tigers were treated to a variety of tasty pumpkins.Read more


Ever heard of a Pallas’s cat? Despite its name, the species is not a domestic cat, but rather a potentially endangered small wild cat from Central Asia. Hellabrunn Zoo is home to two Pallas’s cats who live in the Asia geozone, next to the Jungle World.Read more


Indian summer has arrived at Hellabrunn Zoo. The warm rays of the October sun and the kaleidoscope of autumn colours make a stroll through the zoo an amazing experience. Even the animals are enjoying the mild autumn weather to the fullest.Read more


Mathilda and Marie have been quite busy for the last eight weeks. The two red river hog mums have given birth to a total of five piglets. Now that the time has come for the first family excursion into the outdoor enclosure, the piglets have emerged into the open for visitors to see.Read more


Visitors to the new Polar World at Hellabrunn Zoo will be able to meet a diverse range of animals from the polar regions. Those who look closely in the sea lion pool will be able to see the recently born sea lion pup swimming in the clear water. Read more


The yak group at Hellabrunn Zoo has expanded! The new arrivals Pema and Patuca - two white-grey spotted female yaks - were transferred from Zurich Zoo to Munich in mid-September.Read more


Hellabrunn Zoo is delighted to welcome Baridi, a two-year-old female giraffe, who arrived last week from Cologne Zoo. She wasted no time in exploring her new home, moving around the giraffe enclosure with a self-assured attitude.Read more

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