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Two stately King penguins are the latest additions at Hellabrunn Zoo. The males, Willem and Shadow’s Pride from Rotterdam, are feeding themselves up on fish and will eventually be used for breeding, however so far they’ve only met their potential partners over a dividing wall.Read more


Hellabrunn’s new and prettily variegated brown–beige resident is exploring her environment – she’s not in the least bit shy, but rather confident and cheeky. The ‘little newbie’ is capering around the giraffe savannah. Whilst she’s certainly new here, she’s really not that little: Bahati is a female reticulated giraffe and as such is one of the...Read more


That Jegor belongs to one of the biggest of all living cat species was in no doubt when the Siberian tiger arrived at Munich Zoo on Friday morning, 19 July. Displaying his power and confidence but also an innate alertness and readiness for anything, the tiger exited his transport container to explore his new home. For the moment that is just the...Read more


Success in Numbers for the Objectievs and Development PlanRead more


Droll Baby Drill with Punk Hairstyle bornRead more


Four baby sea lions take the seal enclosure by stormRead more


The smallest family member of this highly-endangered primate species, which in Germany can only be seen at Munich Zoo, is entertaining us with boisterous acrobatic displays.Read more

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The exhibition at the Conservation Center

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