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This Christmas at Hellabrunn Zoo, the wood bison and the polar bears Giovanna and Quintana were given a delicious festive surprise. The keepers prepared a beautifully decorated Christmas tree adorned with tasty treats for each – which the animals were naturally allowed to knock over.Read more


This week Hellabrunn Zoo opened a new exhibit called Mangrove World. The new facility in the Jungle Pavilion informs visitors about the flora and fauna found in the unique habitat of mangroves such as mudskippers, archerfish, freshwater pipefish and four-eyed fish. The exhibit Mangrove World is sponsored by the Lebendige Erde (Earthlife)...Read more


The mandrill group at Hellabrunn Zoo was transferred from Munich to Vietnam at the end of last week. Their departure will provide more space for the endangered and closely related drills.Read more


On 14 December 2017, Puri the Indian rhinoceros was transferred from Hellabrunn Zoo to Amersfoort Zoo in the Netherlands. He arrived safe and sound at his new home.Read more


Not many people know that Hellabrunn’s little Indian rhinoceros, Puri, is a true rarity: he is the first offspring of mum Rapti and is considered particularly valuable genetically, because his mother originally comes from a national park in Nepal. And so, despite his young age, the little Puri has an important mission in mind – to produce many...Read more


On 21 November, the female polar bear cub Quintana celebrated her first birthday with a delicious ice cake and presents. The keepers set up a birthday table in the tundra enclosure and threw a fun party for the not-so-little cub: the one-year-old Quintana already tips the scales at 120 kilos.Read more


Since mid-October, the Jungle World at Hellabrunn Zoo has been graced with the presence of two female Bali mynas flying around the enclosure. These beautiful, but critically endangered birds are the flagship species of the new EAZA Silent Forest campaign, which is supported by Hellabrunn as a participating zoo.Read more

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