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Kids can get their face painted and transform into an awesome lion or watch chicks hatch from eggs - these are just some of the many activities for little visitors and parents to enjoy at Hellabrunn Zoo on Easter Sunday and Monday, April 5 and 6.Read more


Mishmi takins are native to the high mountains of the Himalayas. The youngest of the five-member herd at Hellabrunn Zoo is already displaying the skills required to be a takin: climbing, fighting and lightning quick changes in direction.Read more


Hellabrunn Zoo launches a new exhibition on biodiversity from 13 March - 26 April 2015 in the Species Conservation Center. The exhibition will feature winning images from the competition "Biodiversity Clicks", which focuses on the United Nations Decade on Biodiversity.?Read more


Frei Otto died on Monday, 9 March, in Warmbronn, near Stuttgart. The award-winning architect passed away shortly before his 90th birthday on 31 May. Hellabrunn Zoo had previously scheduled a press conference with the world-famous architect to mark his birthday.Read more


On Friday, 27 February, the Species Conservation Center at Hellabrunn Zoo will once again mark International Polar Bear Day with a special exhibition in which visitors can learn about the endangered species and how they are affected by climate change. Read more


Over two million visitors passed through the gates of Hellabrunn Zoo in 2014. The zoo in Munich is and remains the most visited cultural and recreational attraction in Bavaria.Read more


The meerkats at Hellabrunn Zoo now live in a cosy, winter home with rock features, where they are able to keep warm just like in their natural habitat in southern Africa, even when the temperature drops below zero.Read more

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The exhibition at the Conservation Center

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