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Sitti, the female orangutan, has become a mum again. On 22 April, she gave birth to a healthy baby. This brings the number of orangutan infants currently at Hellabrunn Zoo to three.Read more


The Limbe Wildlife Centre, a rescue, rehabilitation and reintroduction sanctuary for drills in Cameroon, has launched an initiative called Green Project. The project engages local inhabitants from the surrounding villages to supply a significant amount of the food required for the endangered drill, thus providing new employment opportunities.Read more


Spring is slowly taking hold at Hellabrunn, and with it begins the baby boom at the zoo. The rare Girgentana goats, for example, have already produced four kids this year.Read more


On Maundy Thursday, 13 April, our beloved polar bear dad Yoghi died unexpectedly at Hellabrunn Zoo.Read more


The temperature is rising, flowers bloom and birds build their nests: the arrival of spring at Hellabrunn also coincides with the start of the spring/summer opening hours at the zoo. From 1 April, the zoo is open until 6 pm.Read more


Gajendra, the elephant bull, has been back at Hellabrunn Zoo since Wednesday morning. After spending two years at Leipzig Zoo and four years at Hagenbeck Zoo, he has now returned to his home in Munich. His return journey overnight from Hamburg to Munich in a customised elephant transport crate went smoothly.Read more


The orangutan boys born last autumn have finally been given names: Quentin and Quinn. They were named by their sponsor Emilo coffeehouse in Munich.Read more

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