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The complex task of counting all the animals is finally complete. The annual stocktake for 2015 concluded that 19,364 animals and 771 species are living at Hellabrunn Zoo.Read more


As announced in December 2015, Hellabrunn's polar bear twins Nela and Nobby will soon be relocated to other European zoos. But there is still time to visit the two heartthrobs in Hellabrunn Zoo.Read more


In winter, Hellabrunn Zoo is transformed into a Winter Wonderland where children and adults will be enchanted by domestic and exotic animals frolicking in the snow. And for those dreaming of a world away from the snow, the Jungle House offers plenty of adventure on a cold winter's day. With so much of the magic of winter to experience in one...Read more


After more than nine years in operation, the biogas plant at Hellabrunn Zoo was shut down on Monday, 11 January 2016. The digester was fed one last time - after which the entire system was switched off. In the coming weeks, the plant will be dismantled and the building handed over to the zoo.Read more


After a long period away from the public eye due to renovation work, there was great excitement among visitors about the return of the keas as they moved into their new home a few weeks ago.Read more


Puri, the baby rhino, enjoys his first Christmas and, in particular, the Christmas tree in his enclosure. And the polar bears Giovanna and Yoghi are finally reunited - just in time for the season of love.Read more


This week there was much to celebrate at Hellabrunn Zoo: On Wednesday, 9 December a “topping-out” ceremony was held for the Elephant House and, in the afternoon of same day, the zoo threw a small party for the polar bear twins Nela and Nobby to mark their second birthday.Read more

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