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Let your year be inspired by beautiful photographs of some of the animal residents at Hellabrunn Zoo. The Hellabrunn Zoo 2016 calendar is now available!Read more


The new miniature Maasai village at Hellabrunn Zoo offers amazing fun. Designed as an African-themed playground for children, it invites the little visitors to play, climb and jump dance. Situated at the Isar entrance, next to the children's zoo and Café Mühle, the African-themed playground provides a new atmosphere to let off steam. Read more


The last time Hellabunn Zoo witnessed the birth of a baby yak was back in December 2010. The female Asian bovid baby was christened Kat. Now five years later, Kat has herself become a mother, delivering a strapping male calf into the world on 10 September. The newborn bull is called Pedro.Read more


Hellabrunn Zoo, in cooperation with the Stadtsparkasse Munich bank, has set up an endowment fund for the specific purpose of securing the zoo for future generations. On 6 October, Ralf Fleischer, chairman of the board of Stadtsparkasse Munich, presented the certificate to Hellabrunn's zoo director Rasem Baban.Read more


More than 480 name suggestions were submitted by Hellabrunn fans. Six names were shortlisted and over 1,700 people voted. With a majority of 501 votes, the name Puri was selected as the winner.Read more


In early 2016, Hellabrunn's polar bear twins Nela and Nobby will have to leave Munich. The zoo is currently making the first preparations for their journey.Read more


Just in time for World Rhino Day, a name was finally chosen for Hellabrunn's baby rhino on 22 September. 1,700 rhino fans took part in the vote. Six names shortlisted.Read more

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