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Three years after the birth of twins at Hellabrunn, the zoo welcomes the birth of yet another polar bear baby. At 3:06 pm, on 21 November, the female polar bear Giovanna gave birth to a healthy cub. Read more


Visitors to Hellabrunn Zoo now have an opportunity to observe Bactrian camels and Przewalski’s horses living together in the same outdoor enclosure. The socialisation of the two species is exciting, not only for visitors. It also provides enrichment for the animals.Read more


In a survey of the most popular tourist attractions in Germany, foreign visitors ranked Hellabrunn Zoo in 23rd place of the Top 100. The results of the survey also reveal that Hellabrunn is now the number one attraction in Greater Munich and the fifth most popular in Bavaria. The top attraction nationwide is Miniatur Wunderland in Hamburg.Read more


Gajendra, the elephant bull, is set to return to Hellabrunn Zoo at the end of November. But before he arrives, his female companions Steffi, Panang, Mangala and Temi have been given the opportunity to check out the new bull yard on the north side of the Elephant House.Read more


Last Sunday, Hellabrunn Zoo invited all "godparents" of animals at the zoo to its annual Adopt an Animal day. Apart from the opportunity to get together, the sponsors gained an interesting insight into the behind-the-scenes work of the zookeepers, which included an exclusive tour of the new Elephant House.Read more


Following the birth of a boy to Matra, the orangutan, in early October, the female orangutan Jahe also welcomed a baby into the world on 24 October. For Jahe, who at the age of 13 is a relatively young and inexperienced mother, this represents her first successful pregnancy. 41-year-old Matra has therefore taken on the role of raising both...Read more


November brings with it a certain bleakness linked with autumn. It gets dark earlier, and the days are often grey, wet and cloudy. But not at Hellabrunn Zoo. Even if the weather does not always play along, a walk through the zoo in autumn offers just the thing to brighten your day, with so many fascinating species to discover.Read more

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