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Finally, she has a name! On Thursday, 24 March 2017, a naming ceremony was held for Hellabrunn's female cub where she was given the name Quintana. To celebrate the occasion, her appointed godfather, ProSieben presenter Stefan Gödde, gave her a delicious name-giving present in the form of an ice cake – a block of ice filled with fruit and fish....Read more


The year 2016 ended with a baby boom and this year has also started with several breeding successes. During this autumn/winter period, some of the zoo's beloved residents also died due to old age.Read more


Olga, the female brown bear, wakes up from her winter sleep and is warmly congratulated on her 40th birthday by Hellabrunn Zoo. To celebrate the occasion, the keepers prepared a birthday cake which was presented to the birthday girl on Friday, 10 March 2017.Read more


Nemo, the Malayan tapir, will leave Hellabrunn Zoo in the coming days. His new home will be at the Arcachon Bay Zoo in La Teste-de-Buch in France, where he will share an enclosure with a female Tapir.Read more


Miu, the female red panda, now has a new companion in her enclosure.Read more


The new Info Pavilion opposite the Elephant House will now provide visitors with information on the Hellabrunn Master Plan. In addition to the plans for the Mühlendorf village and the new lion enclosure, the original transport crate in which Rapti, the female rhinoceros, arrived at the zoo is also on display.Read more


At the age of 14 weeks, Hellabrunn's cute female cub finally emerges from the mothering den to discover the world outside with mum Giovanna. The dawn of a new adventure!Read more

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The exhibition at the Conservation Center

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