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On 9 December, the polar bear cubs Nela and Nobby will turn two years old. Hellabrunn Zoo will host a small party for the twins with gifts and well-wishers, including Mayor Christine Strobl. The zoo cordially invites all visitors to join the party.Read more


The winter has arrived in Munich – and in the city Hellabrunn Zoo prepares for the cold days and snowfall. The South American sea lions have already built up an extra layer of fat, and the wood bison and wolves have grown a thick winter coat. The zoo engineers are also busy at this time of year: monitoring the heating systems and water pumps.Read more


The newly created pond situated between the Jungle House and the aquarium is now home to several species of sturgeon. Known as a source of caviar, the impressive prehistoric fish have existed for over 200 million years.Read more


Erected in 1914, the renovation of the historic Elephant House is progressing smoothly. The architectural landmark of the Munich zoo is expected to reopen with a magnificent new look in summer 2016.Read more


A stroll through Hellabrunn Zoo in autumn awash with spectacular colourful foliage is a wonderful pleasure. Animal residents such as the Siberian tigers Ahimsa and Jegor, the baby rhino Puri and the yak calf Pedro love to romp around in the rustling red, yellow and gold leaves. A last hurrah before the cold winter.Read more


While some babies may be scared of Halloween, the newborn rhino Puri shows no signs of fright at all. His protective mother Rapti was the first to rush towards three strange Halloween objects placed inside the autumnal colourful rhino enclosure.Read more


Let your year be inspired by beautiful photographs of some of the animal residents at Hellabrunn Zoo. The Hellabrunn Zoo 2016 calendar is now available!Read more

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The exhibition at the Conservation Center

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