Environmental protection at Hellabrunn Zoo

Environmental protection is now a top priority for companies today. Hellabrunn Zoo is involved in a range of environmental projects, including those aimed at reducing its CO2 emissions.

Hellabrunn Zoo is a nature reserve situated in the Isar wetlands, a special protection area along the banks of the Isar River. This special conservation status means the zoo has a duty not only to ensure that the animals living at Hellabrunn are kept well and the 1.7 million visitors that arrive each year enjoy the experience of meeting them. Hellabrunn Zoo also feels it has an obligation to protect the surrounding nature and ensure all its activities are in harmony with the environment.

These principles lay the foundation for the zoo's commitment to nature and wildlife conservation. As a result, Hellabrunn Zoo  monitors over 400 different plant species and provides countless local wild animals with a protected habitat, including creating nature-friendly shelters for some species.

Plants at Hellabrunn Zoo

More than half of the zoo’s 40 hectares of grounds is dedicated to green spaces - 25 hectares is covered by trees, shrubs and open grassy areas. This makes Hellabrunn Zoo a very important nature refuge for Munich's local flora. Its green spaces also make a major contribution to improving air quality in the city.

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Local wildlife

As a nature reserve, Hellabrunn Zoo is home to many local species, some of which are classified as endangered.

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