Stop deforestation: you can play your part


Don’t buy products made of tropical wood. Instead, opt for Robinia hardwood, which is locally sourced in Germany. Robinia hardwood has similar properties to tropical hardwoods and is therefore a good alternative. 

Only buy wood products bearing the internationally recognized FSC® label (Forest Stewardship Council).  FSC is a certification for environmentally and socially responsible forest management.



Only use products made from 100 percent recycled paper (Blue Angel © in Germany). And always place your waste paper in a recycling bin where it can be collected and recycled.

Do not print out anything unnecessary. If you must print always try to print on both sides. Where only a single-sided print out is required use the other side as a notepad.

Place a "No Junk Mail" sticker on your letterbox to prevent unwanted flyers and unaddressed advertising mail.

The WWF shopping guide “Wood and Paper Products” offers consumers advice on purchasing wood and paper products.



  • Avoid buying products containing palm oil. As of December 2014, palm oil used in food products must be stated explicitly on the label. Palm oil used in cosmetics, detergents and washing products are often hidden in ingredients such as surfactants, palmitate, cetearyl, stearyl and lauryl. You can find consumer advice on buying palm oil-free products at
  • Reduce your meat intake. Rainforests are being destroyed to make way for cattle ranches and soya plantations. South American soya crop is used in the cattle feed we import.
  • Opt for organic products with the organic labels Bioland, Demeter or Naturland when buying meat, dairy products and eggs. The strict standards of these ecological organizations ensure that the animals are fed mainly regionally grown feed.

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