Conserve biodiversity: Tips for daily activities

Forests under threat

Every day large areas of rainforest are destroyed - for wood, paper, palm oil-, soya- and sugar cane plantations or cattle ranches. Deforestation not only destroys vital habitats, but also accelerates climate change.

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Show poaching the red card

Our penchant for the exotic is driving many animal species to near extinction, as is our lust for bushmeat, hides, horns and teeth. Poaching and illegal wildlife trade has long been one of the greatest threats to biodiversity.

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Responsible fishing

Fish is healthy and delicious. But fish is also a limited resource that is becoming increasingly scarce. In almost all our seas, more fish are caught than can be naturally replenished.

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Climate protection for beginners

Melting glaciers, rising sea levels, extreme temperatures, droughts, heavy rains and floods - signs of climate change are everywhere and affect us all.

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Environmental detectives wanted!

The release of pollutants can have an adverse affect on nutrient cycles, destroy natural habitats and result in poorer air, water and soil quality. The victims are animals and plants - and our health. 

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