Biodiversity: Nature's Diversity under Threat


Biodiversity – is the over 1.8 million species on our planet - animals, plants, fungi, microorganisms. Biodiversity is the diverse range of habitats and ecosystems such as tropical rainforests, coral reefs, alpine moors and Asian steppes. Biodiversity is the countless living organisms, and individuals within a species, each of which has a unique genetic makeup. Biodiversity is the complex life processes on Earth and interactions between animals, plants and their environment - that includes you.

Biodiversity: The basis of all life 

Biodiversity is all around us. We ourselves are an integral part of biodiversity and depend on it for our quality of life. It provides us with the most essential requirements for survival: the clean air, drinking water, medicine and food we enjoy every day are only possible thanks to biodiversity. But rarely are we aware of where our food and consumer products come from or how the production and use of these products affect the environment.

How we affect biodiversity in our daily life, you can find out here.

How we affect biodiversity in our daily life, you can find out here.


How biodiversity loss affects us

Biodiversity is an indicator of the state of our planet. It reflects the impact of human activity and the extent of destruction. Our activities are having an increasingly negative impact on nature: vast areas of nature reserves are being converted into agricultural land or destroyed in order to mine raw materials. Our oceans are being overfished, medicinal plants and tropical woods overharvested and wildlife hunted to near extinction. Our water, soil and air are being poisoned by exhaust fumes from motor vehicles and factories, toxic waste, pesticides and artificial fertilisers, and the ever-increasing greenhouse gas emissions seem to make global climate change unstoppable. 


Our activities are having dramatic impact: 

Every day up to 130 animal and plant species become extinct and disappear from our planet forever. According to the IUCN Red List of Threatened Species (International Union for Conservation of Nature) 25 percent of all mammals, as well as 33 percent of all reef building corals and 41 percent of all amphibians are threatened with extinction.



But despite the frightening scale of destruction, it's not too late! Our activities are the cause of the destruction. It is therefore up to us to do something about it.


With some simple actions in your daily life you can positively influence biodiversity.
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