Conservation Center

Hellabrunn’s Conservation Center is situated close to the Orangutan Paradise and offers visitors an opportunity to learn about the zoo’s many projects.

About Hellabrunn's Conservation Center

Hellabrunn’s Conservation Center is a unique forum where visitors can obtain amazing facts about the zoo’ many projects.

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Hellabrunn’s Wildlife ambassadors

Our volunteers are always on hand to inform visitors about the animal inhabitants of Hellabrunn and the zoo’s exciting conservation projects.

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Hellabrunn's conservation projects worldwide

The zoo is not only involved in conservation work at home in Munich, but also participates in various conservation projects around the world.

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European Endangered Species Breeding Programmes

Hellabrunn Zoo has been actively involved in European Endangered Species Programmes (EEP) and European Studbooks (ESB) for many years. Endangered species are bred at the zoo to secure their long-term survival and, where possible, for reintroduction into suitable habitats at a later date.

Hellabrunn Zoo coordinates the EEP and manages the International Studbook (ISB) for the drill, an endangered species of monkey from West Africa.

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Mobile phone recycling

Hellabrunn Zoo invites visitors to donate their old mobile phones, which will be professionally recycled. The proceeds from the recycling campaign will go towards Hellabrunn's species conservation projects.

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The exhibition at the Conservation Center


Support conservation projects
Your donation can make a valuable contribution in supporting our latest species conservation projects.

Donations account for species conservation
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