Tanzanian giant tailless whip scorpion


Damon medius



West African forests and savannahs


Eight Legs and Eight Eyes

The giant tailless whip scorpions’ legs are striking. The first of the four pairs of legs have developed into feelers - or the whip - and with these legs the spider feels out its prey. The other three pairs of legs are just used for moving. Giant tailless whip scorpions grab their prey at lightning speed with these feelers which are also known as pedipalps.

Giant tailless whip scorpions are related to whip scorpions and spiders, but their most distinctive feature is their eight eyes.


Social Giants

Despite their dangerous appearance and impressive leg span of up to 25 centimetres, giant tailless whip scorpions are not poisonous.

They happily live together in tree holes or rock crevices and come out at night to catch small insects such as crickets or moths and other small arthropods. Their long feelers help them to orient themselves.