Red-billed blue magpie

Urocissa erythrorhyncha



Body length
60 - 68 cm

evergreen forests in mountainous regions


Main Features

Red-billed blue magpies belong to the crow family and are amongst the most intelligent birds in existence. They have the longest tails in the crow family measuring approx. 43 centimetres.


Vocal Mimicry

The lively and very loud red-billed blue magpie is a master at imitating other birds and sounds. However they mostly make rattling noises or a high-pitched, flute-like whistle.

Varied Diet

As well as worms, snakes, lizards and other small animals they eat fruit, seeds and nectar.


Social Behaviour

The red-billed blue magpie makes its nest in trees or high bushes. There is a clear division of labour between the sexes: the female incubates between three and five eggs on her own, whilst the male provides food for the female and for the chicks after they’ve hatched.