Pygmy goat

Capra aegagrus hircus



Shoulder height 
30 - 50 cm

18 - 25 kg


The little survivalist
The pygmy goat is the smallest breed of goat in the world. The dwarf goat, originally from West Africa, can adapt to almost any climate, and thrives well in Sub-Saharan heat or extreme cold. Since small animals are frugal eaters, the pygmy goat can also survive in drylands. In such regions, they are better-suited to the living conditions than larger species.

Young parents
Pygmy goats usually bred and give birth to their first offspring before they are one-year-old. The birth of triplets is not uncommon.

Colourful animals
Pygmy goats have a wide range of coat patterns and colours. The patterns range from pure white to brown-black spotted and all the variations that are possible in between.

Both male and female are horned. The pygmy goat's horns are however small and sickle-shaped.

Conservation status