Hellabrunn Zoo Children’s Birthday Parties

A birthday party they’ll never forget! If you are looking for a unique, wild birthday adventure then Hellabrunn is the place to celebrate!

We offer several birthday party themes for you to choose from. Each birthday group will be accompanied by a Hellabrunn zoo guide who will answer the children’s many questions and reveal interesting facts about the residents at the zoo.

For children 6+

  • Age: 6 years & older (max. 12 children and 3 accompanying adults)
  • When: Monday to Sunday at 1:30 pm and 3:30 pm; also Saturday and Sunday at 11:30 am
  • Duration: 90 minutes
  • Price: € 120 plus reduced entry ticket price per person (adults € 11, children € 6).
  • The birthday child has free admission.

Animal Olympics
Every child knows that the best athletes in the Olympics receive a gold medal. But what about in the zoo? The animals here also have a number of amazing records. For example, do you know which animal is the tallest, the heaviest, the strongest or which can spit the farthest? Our Animal Olympics invite children to participate in games in which they will compete against the feats of various animals. Games like seeing who can jump as far as a kangaroo. Whether or not the children beat the animals, the emphasis of the activities is to have fun. And boys and girls are guaranteed plenty in this active birthday treat.

Creepy Crawlies
What has eight legs, ten eyes or a row of razor sharp teeth? And what silent hunter of the night has translucent wings? The Creepy Crawlies party theme requires a little courage as we visit some of the scariest creatures at the zoo. But the kids will quickly discover that many of the creepy crawlies are not so scary after all. Children who are fascinated by creepy crawlies will have a unique opportunity to get up-close to some of the most scary-looking species in the zoo’s jungle cave.

Jungle Book adventure at Hellabrunn
Have you ever wondered what it would be like to be Mogli, and what the inhabitants of the Indian jungle taught their little friend? Our Mogli's Jungle Day birthday party package takes the birthday child and friends on an exiting jungle tour, during which the children will discover interesting facts about some of the jungle dwellers living at Hellabrunn.
Children attending the party will learn whether Kaa, the snake, would really like to eat  Mogli, interesting facts about Mogli's wolf family and what fascinating characteristics the other inhabitants found in our Hellabrunn jungle have.

In the footsteps of a zookeeper
Many children dream of a career as a zookeeper - At Hellabrunn Zoo little animal lovers have an opportunity to experience a day in the life of a zookeeper with our children's birthday party package Zookeeper Tour. Come rain or shine our keepers are always at work. During the birthday Zookeeper Tour, the guide will explain many exciting facts about the job of caring for animals as well as answer many questions. For example: How do zookeepers communicate with the animals? And what methods do they use to prevent the animals from getting bored? (Recommendation: for children 8+)



For children 10+

  • Age: 10 years & older (max. 12 children and 3 accompanying adults)
  • When: Only Saturday and Sunday from 1:30 pm - 3:00 pm
  • Only from April to October
  • Price: € 150 plus reduced entry ticket price per person (adults € 11, children € 6).
  • The birthday child has free admission.

Seals, Polar Bears and Penguins
Animals from the polar regions are simply fascinating. It is therefore only natural that children have many questions about them: Why do all penguins have a black back and a white belly? And is it true that polar bears do not eat penguins? If so, why? How many fish does a South American Sea Lion eat and where in the zoo is all this fish stored? The birthday boy or girl is in for a special treat at the seal enclosure. All that is required is a little bit of courage.


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Please book well in advance. We require for bookings to be placed 6-8 weeks in advance for all birthday party themes.

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Children's birthday parties can take place in any weather.