Animal shows, feedings and more


Information combined with the best entertainment: the animal shows at Hellabrunn Zoo offer something for everyone. While the animals show their amazing skills, the keepers relate interesting facts about their charges. In addition to the shows and feedings, the zoo offers walks with petting zoo animals and a polar bear talk - for animal lovers big and small.

Elephant Talk

At the elephant talk you will learn exciting facts about the Asian elephants at Hellabrunn Zoo and their daily routine.


  • Daily, starts 2:15pm
  • except in exceptional weather - storm, snow or rain
  • Elephant exhibit

Polar Bear Talk

Polar bears are the largest living terrestrial predators and one of the most popular animals at Hellabrunn Zoo. The daily Polar Bear Talk gives visitors an opportunity to meet the zookeepers and learn more about this majestic species, and in particular, the polar bear family living at Hellabrunn Zoo.

  • daily, starts 3.30pm
  • Polar World, polar bear enclosure

Sea lion training

The South American sea lions are one of the favourite attractions for visitors to Hellabrunn Zoo. If you want to find out why, then come to Polar World and see their training.

  • Daily feeding, starts 11:30am and 2:30pm
  • Polar World, "Seal Kindergarten"

Birds of prey show

Experience breathtaking moments at the birds of prey show at Hellabrunn Zoo. Every day starting April 1st 2017 at 1:45pm, you can watch the birds of prey display their impressive flying skills. The arena has a capacity for 200 seats.

  • Daily Show, starts 1:45pm
  • starting April 1st 2017, except in exceptional weather - storm, snow or rain
  • Show arena

Pigeon show

Prepare to be amazed by the impressive skills of our sporting pigeons. During the show the aerobatic pigeons will display aerial tricks, such as performing a flute concerto on Chinese pigeon flutes or the spectacular nose-dive of the Wutas, a breed of Greek diving pigeons.

  • Daily show, starts 3:00pm
  • 25.03.-15.09., except in exceptional weather - storm, snow or rain
  • Show arena

Animal walk

Take a walk with llamas or ponies around the children's area of the zoo. This tour promises a lot of fun for the little visitors who will be able to pet the animals and ask the zookeepers accompanying them any questions that are close to their hearts.

  • Animal walk, daily, starts 11:15am
  • All year round, except in exceptional weather - storm, snow or rain
  • Meeting point: Show arena

Meet the Domestic Animals

A demonstration with animals you can pet! The show features domestic animals such as goats, ponies, alpacas and llamas, which are rotated on a daily basis. The show also includes endangered domesticated species like the Girgentana goat, originally from Sicily.

  • daily, 11:00 am
  • year round
  • Show Arena

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Please be aware that some shows may be cancelled in the event of rain, storm or snow.

Subject to change.