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An unexpected tragedy on Christmas morning. On 25 December, Olivia, the baby orangutan at Hellabrunn Zoo, suffered a fatal accidental shortly after the group had left her sleeping area. Olivia was just under eleven months old and the youngest member of the group of Sumatran orangutans at the zoo. Although there are no witnesses to the exact course...Read more


Hellabrunn Zoo opened a new Info Pavilion opposite the Elephant House just in time for the Christmas season. Here, visitors can learn more about the history of the Elephant House - currently a building site - and the renovation work now in progress on the historic building. The Info Pavilion invites visitors to become involved in the development...Read more


On Tuesday, 9 December, Hellabrunn's two polar bear twins celebrated their first birthday: twelve months of exciting adventures, new experiences and challenges - this calls for a celebration!Read more

Nobby and Nela play with their mother Giovanna at Hellabrunn Zoo in Munich, May 2014

The Polar Bear World Photo Exhibition opened at Hellabrunn Zoo on 5 December. The special show, which takes places in the Species Conservation Center of the zoo, features the work of acclaimed wildlife photographer Norbert Rosing. The new exhibition comprises 30 of Rosing's finest pictures and takes visitors to the zoo on a journey into 'Polar...Read more


While the adults waddle around with their brightly colored heads and yellow-orange chests, a gray, fluffy newborn chick has come along to steal the show. The chick is the first king penguin to be born at Hellabrunn Zoo in eleven years. Read more


The gorilla community at Hellabrunn Zoo has lost their patriarch. Roututu, the much-loved head of the silverback clan died on Saturday, 15 November, in Munich. He showed no previous signs of illness. Shortly after eating his evening meal, which he consumed with a healthy appetite, Roututu suddenly collapsed and, despite the best efforts of the...Read more


On Friday, 7 November, papa polar bear Yoghi met his eleven-month-old twin cubs Nela and Nobby for the first time. No one was able to predict how the cubs' father would behave at the contact fence or how mama Giovanna and her cubs Nela and Nobby would react. But to everyone's surprise the meeting was - for the most part - harmonious. Read more

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The exhibition at the Conservation Center

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