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On Sunday, 21 May, elk mum Anita gave birth to twins. The two healthy, male calves Rico and Rocco are the first offspring for the elk herd this year, with more births likely to follow.Read more


After spending the past few weeks settling into their new home, visitors will finally have an opportunity to meet the two newly arrived Pallas's cat sisters in the Jungle World at Hellabrunn Zoo.Read more


The PANDRILLUS Drill Ranch in Nigeria was hit by a severe natural disaster, which unfortunately resulted in loss of life of several drill residents. To ensure that the ranch is rebuilt as quickly as possible and continues its important work, Hellabrunn Zoo will offer its support with a one-off donation.Read more


Spring has finally arrived at Hellabrunn Zoo! At last the temperature in Munich is beginning to rise, nature is awakening, everything is covered in lush green and there are already new births in many of the enclosures. But for one species in particular a visit to the zoo is worthwhile: the flamingos are busy breeding and with a bit of luck you may...Read more


Sitti, the female orangutan, has become a mum again. On 22 April, she gave birth to a healthy baby. This brings the number of orangutan infants currently at Hellabrunn Zoo to three.Read more


The Limbe Wildlife Centre, a rescue, rehabilitation and reintroduction sanctuary for drills in Cameroon, has launched an initiative called Green Project. The project engages local inhabitants from the surrounding villages to supply a significant amount of the food required for the endangered drill, thus providing new employment opportunities.Read more


Spring is slowly taking hold at Hellabrunn, and with it begins the baby boom at the zoo. The rare Girgentana goats, for example, have already produced four kids this year.Read more

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