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Mathilda and Marie have been quite busy for the last eight weeks. The two red river hog mums have given birth to a total of five piglets. Now that the time has come for the first family excursion into the outdoor enclosure, the piglets have emerged into the open for visitors to see.Read more


Visitors to the new Polar World at Hellabrunn Zoo will be able to meet a diverse range of animals from the polar regions. Those who look closely in the sea lion pool will be able to see the recently born sea lion pup swimming in the clear water. Read more


The yak group at Hellabrunn Zoo has expanded! The new arrivals Pema and Patuca - two white-grey spotted female yaks - were transferred from Zurich Zoo to Munich in mid-September.Read more


Hellabrunn Zoo is delighted to welcome Baridi, a two-year-old female giraffe, who arrived last week from Cologne Zoo. She wasted no time in exploring her new home, moving around the giraffe enclosure with a self-assured attitude.Read more


On Saturday 16 September, Hellabrunn Zoo will mark the celebration of International Red Panda Day with a range of activities to raise awareness for the adorable little cat-bear. From 10 am to 5 pm, there will be an info stand in front of the Red panda enclosure where visitors will have an opportunity to learn more about the Red panda as well as...Read more


After a two-year construction period, the site fencing for the second renovation phase of the Polar World was finally removed and the animal house reopened to the public on Friday, 8 September 2017. Visitors will now be able to enjoy new facilities such as the new enclosure for the South American sea lions as well as meet the new residents:...Read more


The four kea at Hellabrunn have moved into a new, larger aviary at the zoo. The two couples moved in last week and are now enjoying their new home. Situated on the site of the former puma enclosure, the space has been redesigned for the kea, with much to discover for the alpine parrots.Read more

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The exhibition at the Conservation Center

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