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Hellabrunn Zoo celebrates the birth of two wood bison calves. For now, the newborn pair are still small, cuddly and delightful, but soon these cute little babies will acquire an imposing figure, growing up to two metres tall and weighing up to a tonne.Read more


Spring time = birth time at Hellabrunn Zoo: A new baby animal is born almost every day at the Munich zoo. And within no time the little ones begin to explore their enclosure - much to the delight of visitors.Read more


On Friday, 22 May, Hellabrunn Zoo marks International Day for Biodiversity. Special activities for the day include an exciting quiz rally, craft workshops in the Species Conservation Center, mobile info stands with interesting facts on biodiversity and much more.Read more


Togo the giraffe was found dead in his barn this morning. He passed away shortly before his 24th birthday.Read more


On Tuesday, 12 May, a specially-designed transport vehicle made its way from Munich to Heidelberg. The 1.6-tonne elephant Ludwig travelled to his new home at Heidelberg Zoo in a custom-built truck. Everything went well. The four-year-old arrived safe and sound and has now joined the elephant bachelor group at Heidelberg Zoo.Read more


Hellabrunn Zoo's female giraffe Kabonga was euthanized on Friday, 8 May, to relieve her painful suffering. Age-related conditions and the birth of a feeble calf in December 2014 resulted in her find it increasingly difficult to move.Read more


On 6 May 2015, Hellabrunn Zoo threw a big birthday party - which was also a farewell party for our beloved elephant Ludwig who will be moving to Heidelberg shortly.Read more

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The exhibition at the Conservation Center

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