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Stadtsparkasse München is the godparent to Hellabrunn Zoo’s giraffe calf (born March 14th) and therefore has the privilege of choosing the young animal’s name. Customers of Stadtsparkasse München voted online and decided that the young giraffe bull would be given the name Naledi. Being godparent is just one of the highlights of Stadtsparkasse...Read more


Hellabrunn’s birds of prey show has got a proper stage at last! Read more


Penguins flying underwater & Bats take old mine gallery Read more


So small, yet so tall!Read more


The zoo is mourning Nurejev, Hellabrunn’s stately tiger. Nurejev had to be put to sleep yesterday (March 14th) at the age of 17. The tiger was advanced in years with reduced mobility and for a long time had been very sedate. Since last autumn Nurejev showed signs of mobility issues and was increasingly unsteady on his feet. From that point on...Read more


The term ‘gentle giant’ doesn’t cut it at the moment, but looking at Mum and Dad it’s clear that the little one suckling at its mother’s breast will one day be large and very strong. On 8 February after approximately 37 weeks in Mum Bagira’s tummy, a little western lowland gorilla was born at Hellabrunn zoo. Munich’s gorilla group now comprises...Read more


After a pregnancy lasting approx.180 days, Kaduna (an 8-year-old female drill) had her first child on 24 January. You have to look very closely if you want a glimpse of the baby though. The proud father, Bakut (aged 9) and aunt Afi (6) are both delighted with the little one, although even they can’t get close: Kaduna holds the baby tightly and...Read more

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