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Last month, Giovanna, the polar bear, gave birth to a healthy cub - her third offspring after bearing twins in December 2013. Now the little cub has just opened its eyes for the first time!Read more


The two could not be more different and yet they have something in common: Both Matra, the female orangutan, and Giovanna, the female polar bear, have recently given birth and are currently busy caring for their offspring. While Giovanna spends a lot of time giving her little cub cuddles, the two orangutan babies are becoming increasingly active...Read more


Miu, the female red panda, is delighted to have a new sponsor: As part of a long-term sponsorship agreement, Sana Kliniken Solln Sendling GmbH, in cooperation with Hellabrunn Zoo, will support the Red Panda Network, a project dedicated to the conservation of wild red panda in Nepal.Read more


Visitors now have an opportunity to watch live footage of polar bear mum, Giovanna, and her newborn cub in the mothering den. A video link of Giovanna and her cub will be broadcast in an exhibition room at the Species Conservation Center from 9 am to 5 pm, daily.Read more


Henry, the maned wolf, now has a new companion: Arken recently arrived in Munich from Nordens Ark zoo in Hunnebostrand, Sweden.Read more


From 2 December 2016 to 8 January 2017, Hellabrunn Zoo will host the touring exhibition Climate Factor – Man at the Species Conservation Center. The exhibition by the Bavarian Environmental Agency aims to provide answers to topical questions on climate change, including the impact it is already having in Bavaria and what awaits us in the future.Read more


Three years after the birth of twins at Hellabrunn, the zoo welcomes the birth of yet another polar bear baby. At 3:06 pm, on 21 November, the female polar bear Giovanna gave birth to a healthy cub. Read more

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The exhibition at the Conservation Center

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