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With more than 2.2 million visitors, Hellabrunn Zoo celebrated another successful end to the fiscal year 2016. Apart from the reopening of the historic Elephant House, other notable achievements of the past year include the adoption of the Hellabrunn Master Plan as well as several other renovation projects such as the start of the second...Read more


Limber, the six-year-old female reticulated giraffe, has departed from Hellabrunn Zoo for a new home at Zoo Park Overloon in the Netherlands.Read more


The baby boom at Hellabrunn Zoo continues: the latest new births include five Humboldt penguin chicks recently hatched from their eggs. The Humboldt penguin is classified as threatened and listed as vulnerable on the IUCN Red List of Threatened Species.Read more


Last week, Naya, a Przewalski mare born at Hellabrunn Zoo, was one of four wild horses flown in a Czech military aircraft to Mongolia to be released into the wild. Under the Return of the Wild Horses project, Naya will first live in a wildlife enclosure for acclimatisation before eventually being released into the wild to boost the population of...Read more


Hellabrunn's oldest Orangutan Bruno was recently examined by a seven-member medial team. In order to perform the examination, the 48-year-old primate was first placed under anaesthesia. In addition to a health check by the zoo’s veterinary team, Bruno was also examined by a human cardiologist, a veterinary ultrasound specialist and a veterinary...Read more


At 10:45 am on 21 June, Anneliese and Manfred Schmallenbach parked their bikes in front of the Isar entrance of the zoo. Little did they know that as they entered the gates on this beautiful summer's day, Mrs Schmallenbach would become the one millionth visitor at Hellabrunn Zoo in 2017.Read more


The nature reserve on the banks of the Isar River is covered with lush green trees and meadows, where the sky is bright blue and many species of newborn animals frolic in their enclosure at Hellabrunn Zoo, including the cute yak calves, Takine and Elche. And even high above the ground in the trees within the enclosures, the young offspring of the...Read more

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