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In a survey of the most popular tourist attractions in Germany, foreign visitors ranked Hellabrunn Zoo 9th in the Top 100. The survey also revealed that Hellabrunn remains the number one attraction in Greater Munich and the third most popular in Bavaria after Neuschwanstein Castle and Rothenburg ob der Tauber.Read more


For almost 30 years, the Hellabrunn Zoo School has been a popular destination for extracurricular learning for schools in Munich and the surrounding area. Last year the Zoo School hosted 320 classroom events for pupils to attend.Read more


The Munich summer is in full swing and the animals at Hellabrunn Zoo are keeping cool in a number of ways: whether it be an ice cake or an ice-cold shower, summertime treats allow the residents to relax and enjoy the warm temperatures.Read more


Hellabrunn Zoo will participate in the World Aquariums Against Marine Litter campaign, which was launched by the European Commission for Maritime Affairs and Fisheries in Monaco on Thursday. As part of the campaign, the zoo will exhibit a tank full of plastic waste in its aquarium for the next five days. The aim is to raise awareness of...Read more


For the past three years, Hellabrunn Zoo has been responsible for coordinating the monitoring of white-blotched river stingrays in zoos and aquaria across Europe. The zoo also successfully breeds this South American stingray species on a regular basis. In a few days time, five of the white-blotched river stingrays born at Hellabrunn will be...Read more


On Friday, 14 July 2017, a groundbreaking ceremony was held at Hellabrunn Zoo to mark the launch of construction work for the new Mill Village. The five ceremonial spades were held by Christine Strobl, Mayor and Chairman of the supervisory board, Rasem Baban, zoo director, Gabriele Nellissen, Head of Sponsorship and Event Management at...Read more


This week the Australia geozone at Hellabrunn Zoo welcomed three new residents: two female swamp wallabies and one pouch-dwelling joey have moved from Flamingo Land Zoo in Malton (UK) to Munich. There are now a total of four swamp wallabies in Hellabrunn.Read more

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