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A flamingo chick pecking its way out of an egg has been an almost daily occurrence in the past couple of weeks at Hellabrunn Zoo. Small, grey and fluffy, these offspring discover the world at the side of their leggy, graceful parents, who nurture, warm and feed their young. Read more


Spring has finally arrived at Hellabrunn, although the cold snaps have lingered much longer than normal. Nature is awakening, everything is green and blooming - and there are already many new births in the animal enclosures.Read more


This Mother’s Day, Hellabrunn Zoo invites mums and their families to a fun-filled celebration of mothers at the zoo on Sunday, 8 May. Special events include a scrumptious Mother’s Day breakfast buffet, which the zoo restaurant is offering for the first time. There will also be special zookeeper talks and a Mother’s Day Tour of the zoo during which...Read more


Visitors are invited to the premiere of an exciting new event at Hellabrunn Zoo. On Saturday, 4 June, Hellabrunn will open its gates for the first time at night for the launch of Biodiversity Night. Animal lovers, and in particular night owls, can enjoy a night at the 105-year-old Munich zoo between 7pm and 12am.Read more


Venture on a culinary journey to the Far East in the heart of Hellabrunn Zoo. This July, a new Japanese tea house will be opened in the Asia continent of the zoo, a lunch experience with views of the Asian elephants.Read more


This past weekend, Hellabrunn Zoo's only giraffe bull Naledi was transferred to Zoo di Napoli in the southern Italian city of Naples. Shortly after arriving in his new home to join a young bull group, his big sister Limber celebrated her fifth birthday with the now all-female group at Hellabrunn on Tuesday, 5 April.Read more


With the current weather so unpredictable it is hard to tell whether the winter chill will last a bit longer or when sunshine and warmth will prevail. But inside the zoo the dawn of spring is plain to see in the vegetation that covers the 40-hectare nature reserve, and above all among the animals.Read more

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