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Open daily from 12pm - 3pm at the "Monkey World"Read more


With his cool punk hairstyle, bright pink face and irresistible jug ears, the baby drill is a source of delight for visitors to Hellabrunn Zoo. Apart from the new addition, the entire group of drills at the zoo will now be able to enjoy the facilities of the newly renovated enclosure, which was officially opened today.Read more


After a bout of illness last week, papa polar bear Yoghi is fit and well again. He is now being prepared for a gradual reunion with mama bear Giovanna and to meet his twin cubs Nela and Nobby for the first time.Read more


This calls for a celebration! On Friday, 17 October, Hellabrunn Zoo welcomed its two millionth visitor for 2014. This attendance figure breaks all records in the zoo's 103-year history.Read more


The dome of Hellabrunn Zoo's elephant house has been demolished: at around 7:00 am on 12 September 2014, explosives demolition expert Eduard Reisch gave the signal for the blast - and within seconds the 18 m high, 300 tonne reinforced concrete structure collapsed into a pile of rubble.Read more


They chase each other playfully, jump around and dart back to forth: Hellabrunn Zoo's three newly born calves romp around in the banteng enclosure. The calves belong to a highly endangered species of Asian wild cattle that can only be seen at five zoos in Germany.Read more


The California sea lions at Hellabrunn Zoo love splashing around: The new pup is beginning to enjoy the adventures of the big pool. Read more

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The exhibition at the Conservation Center

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