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A little game of hide-and-seek at mama's belly, a few wobbly first steps, then quickly back to mama's chest to recharge those batteries: the new arrival in the drill group is an exciting attraction for visitors to Hellabrunn Zoo. With jutting ears and Einstein hair - how cheeky he looks!Read more


After three years at Erfurt Zoopark, the four-year-old reticulated giraffe Limber is back at Hellabrunn Zoo, where she was born. Read more


The current heat wave won't faze the animals at Hellabrunn. The zoo offers a number of ways to keep cool.Read more


The revamped Polar World will set new standards with more spacious enclosures, more polar animals and more efficient use of water.Read more


Record results thanks to polar bear babies and optimal weather conditions. Hellabrunn Zoo publishes Annual Report 2014Read more


Hellabrunn Zoo celebrates the birth of two wood bison calves. For now, the newborn pair are still small, cuddly and delightful, but soon these cute little babies will acquire an imposing figure, growing up to two metres tall and weighing up to a tonne.Read more


Spring time = birth time at Hellabrunn Zoo: A new baby animal is born almost every day at the Munich zoo. And within no time the little ones begin to explore their enclosure - much to the delight of visitors.Read more

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The exhibition at the Conservation Center

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