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On 2 September, another new baby was born to the black-headed spider monkeys at Hellabrunn Zoo. The latest arrival is the tenth offspring born to the endangered primates at the Munich zoo.Read more


Since the beginning of the summer holidays, Café Mühle at the Isar entrance of Hellabrunn Zoo has been run by Florian Lechner. With his specialties such as “Mühlen Fleckerl” (rye flatbread with toppings) and freshly-baked cakes, Lechner and his team offer visitors a range of regional home cooking all year round. The café also serves coffee from...Read more


On Wednesday, 31 August 2016, Puri, the baby rhino bull, celebrated his first birthday at the zoo. Now weighing approximately 620 kg, Puri is already a strong, young rhino - and was particularly delighted about his delicious birthday ice bombe.Read more


One last heat wave before the summer comes to a close. While visitors enjoy a walk through Hellabrunn Zoo in the warm sunshine, the lions, Siberian tigers, chimpanzees and wood bison get special ice-cool refreshment.Read more


On 27-28 August, Hellabrunn Zoo will mark International Bat Night with special events in the Bat Cave and the Jungle World. Between 11am - 5pm, visitors will have an opportunity to learn everything worth knowing about bats and the closely related flying foxes (megabats) and observe them up close.Read more


Last Friday, Paula, the 14-month-old female lynx, was transferred from Hellabrunn Zoo in Munich to Poland, where she will help launch a reintroduction project for the resettlement of lynx in the wild in Pomerania.Read more


An exciting task awaits six Girgentana goats who were born at Hellabrunn Zoo in 2015 and 2016. The six will participate in a grazing project with other goats to maintain a sprawling area of open green space in and around Leipzig.Read more

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