Donate your old mobile phone

Hellabrunn Zoo invites visitors to donate their old mobile phones, which will be professionally recycled. The proceeds from the recycling campaign will go towards Hellabrunn's species conservation projects.

Do you have an old mobile phone lying around gathering dust?
A mobile phone has an average functional life of about four years. However, most are only used for about 18 months before being replaced by a new, more attractive model. Each year, an estimated 30 million mobile phones are discarded in Germany alone, which then gather dust in drawers and cupboards.

Do you have an old mobile phone sitting idle at home?
Then why not let us recycle it for you? Your old mobile phone could make a valued contribution to the protection of endangered species.

It's what's inside that counts
Inside every mobile phone lie components made of valuable raw materials such as tantalum, a rare metal that is mined in the Democratic Republic of the Congo - the habitat of gorillas and other endangered species. To extract the ore, swathes of forest area are often destroyed to such an extent that the animals can no longer live there.

Recycling helps protect natural habitats
Recycling your old mobile phone allows the precious raw materials in your phone to be recovered and reused, thus reducing the need for further ore mining and destruction of rainforests. Your donation helps to protect the habitat of endangered species.

Funding for conservation projects
For each mobile phone donated, we also receive an additional donation from our recycling partner that goes directly to Hellabrunn Zoo conservation projects. So your mobile phone donation brings twice the support.

If you happen to have an old mobile phone lying around at home, all you have to do is bring it with you on your next visit to Hellabrunn. The donation box is located in the Jungle House opposite the gorilla enclosure. You can also hand it in at one of our two Service Centers located at the main entrances of the zoo.