Ludwig the elephant arrives safely at Heidelberg Zoo

On Tuesday, 12 May, a specially-designed transport vehicle made its way from Munich to Heidelberg. The 1.6-tonne elephant Ludwig travelled to his new home at Heidelberg Zoo in a custom-built truck. Everything went well.

Ludwig departed on 12 May. He made the journey to Heidelberg Zoo in southwest Germany in a specially converted shipping container loaded onto a flatbed truck. The container was supplied by the animal transport specialist Roy Smith of InterZoo in Walsrode (Lower Saxony), who has decades of experience providing safe, relaxing transportation for zoo animals and their accompanying keepers.

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The Geo-zoo concept

The Munich Zoo Hellabrunn was founded in 1911 as the first Geo-zoo worldwide. The animals live according to their geographic distribution in complex communities.

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Hellabrunn’s Species Conservation Center

Hellabrunn’s Species Conservation Center is a unique forum where zoo visitors can access an amazing amount of information about the zoo’s many projects.

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