Humboldt penguins live in a contemporary South American landscape

The outdoor enclosure for Humboldt penguins was opened in April 2011. Built on the site of the former European otter enclosure, the current outdoor area, exclusive to Humboldt penguins, features more than 200 m² of rocky landscape, a waterfall, over 60 plants and 18 nesting areas, providing the perfect environment for the penguins. Humboldts are found in the temperate zone in South America and are therefore quite accustomed to continental temperatures such as in Germany. The enclosure includes a visible nesting area that allows visitors to witness the penguins rearing their chicks. The Humboldt penguins have already demonstrated that the new enclosure offers optimal conditions for this endangered species: in 2012, the penguins hatched their first three chicks, which have been successfully reared by their parents.