Drills receive renovated outdoor enclosure in October 2014


The drill group at Hellabrunn Zoo are enjoying the benefits of a newly renovated enclosure received in October 2014. The renovation, designed to meet the needs of this endangered primate species, includes natural-looking rock cladding, climbing facilities, numerous plants and even a stream.

Hellabrunn Zoo coordinates the European Endangered Species Programme for the drill and maintains the International Studbook for this species. In October 2014, the six drills at Hellabrunn were given a 110m² outdoor enclosure to annex to their indoor home. To create the new space, the former mandrill enclosure (the mandrill is a relative of the drill) was completely renovated in just four weeks.

During the design phase, the zoo was able to rely on its long experience of drill keeping and thus complete the renovation with a relatively small financial investment, according to the latest zoological standards. The rear walls were covered with artificial rocks, inside which a cave-like retreat has been created. The supporting steel columns were covered with West African tree trunk structures (designed by Seuß Wood Technology GmbH, Helmbrechts), similar to that found in the drill's natural habitat. The plants and facilities in the inside and outside enclosures were rearranged according to the immersion principle, i.e. designed to make the barrier between the visitor and animals as unobtrusive as possible.