Polar Bear Enclosure in the Polarium

Visualization Lanz Architects
Client: Munich Hellabrunn AG
Architects: Lanz Architects + General Planner (building planning)

Teutsch Ritz Rebmann
Landscape Architects (Enclosure section II: Tundra and taiga, visitor areas, plants)
Start of construction: September 2009 (demolition and site preparation)

20 October 2009 (groundbreaking ceremony)
Building completion: August 2010
Construction costs: € 5.2 million
Previous enclosure size: 730 m² incl. water areas (without maternity den)
Existing enclosure size: 960 m² (incl. maternity den)
Planned enclosure size: 2,500 m² (2,494 m²) incl. water areas.
Total planned enclosure size: 2,800 m² (2,798 m²) incl. water areas and boxes.
Existing pool size: 361 m² (excl. water area in maternity den)
Planned size of water areas for pools and ditches: 612 m²
Glass wall installed: 477 m² bulletproof glass, thickness 32 mm
Area of newly formed rock walls: über 600 m²
Number of newly planted trees: 28 trees (incl. 10 replacement trees due to felling)