Hellabrunn’s Bird Arena

The birds of prey show at Hellabrunn Zoo moved to a proper bird arena in spring 2013. Since then visitors have been able to sit in comfort in the stands and admire the flying skills of our feathered stars. The arena was built in Roman style on the site of the former Gaur (Indian bison) enclosure, near the main restaurant. The semi-circular arena has a capacity of 200 spectators.

Visitors to the zoo can watch the birds of prey display their impressive skills every day at 1 pm, - and, the best part is, the show is included in the admission price. Please note: shows may be canceled in the event of rain or storm, in which case the birds prefer to stay in their spacious aviaries. You can watch the birds fly at full speed into the arena via the long flight path over the dama gazelle enclosure.

The daily shows allow visitors to learn more about the natural behavior of birds of prey and owls. The Bird Arena also stages a daily aerobatic pigeon show. Prepare to be amazed by the impressive skills our sporting pigeons displaying aerial tricks such as performing a flute concerto on Chinese pigeon flutes or the spectacular nose-dive of the Wutas, a breed of Greek diving pigeons.

Show times:
Birds of prey show: Daily, starts 1 pm, year round
Pigeon show: Daily, starts 3 pm, from April to September