Baron’s green racer

Philodryas baroni



up to 1.8 m

Argentina, Bolivia and Paraguay


Their Home

 Baron’s green racers live in shrubs and trees close to water or in savannahs and near salt lakes.

Main Features

Baron’s green racers have extremely long noses in addition to their impressive colouring. They are also able to glide through the air by flattening their whole body in flight.


Good to Know 

  • Barons green racers are a type of false viper. They have fangs that, in contrast to other poisonous snakes, are located right at the back of the top jaw.
  • They massagetheir venom through a chewing motion when they bite. The venom isnt very dangerous for humans.
  • They lay about 10 eggs from which the young hatch anywhere from 83 to 90 days later.
  • They shed their skin for the first time at about 8 to 10 days old. Afterwards the young snakes also eat their first mice.